Mini Refineries

Amerisource delivers proven technology, engineering, design, procurement, fabrication, installation and maintenance of Mini crude oil refineries on a turn-key basis with desired petroleum products. Our Petroleum refineries technology focus on highest yield for petroleum products: Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene and Fuel Oil. Any type of crude oil and gas condensate could be used as feedstock for these small or mini refineries units. Combination of the main components of the mini refineries will be used to achieve the desired product yield of the feedstock. The complexity of the refinery depends on the feedstock and desired petroleum products, grades and yields.

At the request of our clients, Amerisource will provide feasibility studies, market appraisals and initial engineering study (Pre-Project Planning) to determine project suitability and required equipment that will meet the needs of each client. The majority of the planning and design is accomplished during the early stages of the project.