We strive to be the choice for companies that need our experience and expertise in the establishment of their modular crude oil refineries.

Trusted Supplier of Modular Refineries Worldwide

Establish a simplified refinery facility with help from Amerisource Energy (Amerisource Oil and Gas Engineering). We are a USA-based, full-service oil and gas EPC/EPCM company that specializes in the design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, commissioning, sales, installation, and maintenance of the following:

Modular Refineries

Mini Crude Oil Refineries

Hydroskimming Refineries

Traditional Refineries

Conventional Refineries

High-Yield, Diesel-Topping Units

Modular Gas Plants

Crude Oil Flow Stations

Oil and Gas Process Equipment

Plant Relocations

Gas Processing Plants

Full-Conversion Crude Oil Refineries

Petrochemical Plants

With state-of-the-art fabrication facilities at different geographical locations worldwide, we offer the best pricing for modular refineries. We deliver end-to-end modular solutions with realistic project implementation schedules and faster lead times in the design, engineering, and fabrication of modules on an EPF, EPC, or EPCM basis. We provide our clients with ASME “U” and “R” stamps and operate under an approved quality control program. 


In everything we do, we put strategy first and help our clients make smarter, faster, and more cost-saving decisions to actualize their goals. 

Capabilities and Experience

Our experienced team will work with you every step of the way in establishing your modular crude oil refinery, including providing recommendations for your project financing. We adhere to local content initiatives and work with in-country contractors to build customized refineries that meet the requirements of country-specific hydrocarbon establishments. The environment and communities where we construct refineries are integral to each project.  

Our commitment to quality and safety is unparalleled in the industry. 


Modular Refineries

A modular refinery is a prefabricated processing plant designed to distill crude oil into naphtha, kerosene, diesel, residual fuel oil, and off-gas using a crude distillation unit (CDU). These initial petroleum products could be further treated using secondary process equipment (hydrotreating and reforming units) to produce high-octane gasoline, aviation fuel, and ultra-low sulfur diesel. Modular refineries are delivered in prefabricated modules and are shipped and installed at the site to reduce cost and construction time frame. 

Modularization enables the central refinery equipment units to be prefabricated to produce various petroleum products before shipment to the refinery’s location. At Amerisource Energy, we offer complete refinery design, engineering, pipeline, tank farm construction, civil works, and site development for modular refineries and traditional petroleum processing plants. 


Traditional Refineries

A traditional refinery is a high-capacity crude oil refinery constructed at a site involving various processing units to produce and meet high-quality petroleum products, such as high-octane gasoline, aviation or jet fuel, and ultra-low sulfur diesel. A petrochemical plant can be constructed at the site using intermediary products derived from the crude oil processing units to produce desired petrochemical supplies. 

At Amerisource Energy, we deliver proven EPC or EPCM turnkey solutions with our client’s desired petroleum and petrochemical products. Our petroleum refinery technologies, in collaboration with our process licensors, focus on the highest yield for quality petroleum products, such as:  

Any crude oil and gas condensate could be used as feedstock based on the refinery configuration. The refinery’s complexity depends on the feedstock and desired petroleum products, grades, and yields. Sizeable crude oil refineries are generally constructed at the site and involve detailed project planning and implementation for the refinery facility’s ISBL (inside battery limits) and OSBL (outside battery limits). 


Petroleum Refineries of the Future

We provide high-quality fuels and bio-sourced products that will efficiently limit the overall environmental footprint of processing plants. We ensure fully integrated operational efficiencies and productivity by supporting this transition to incorporate sustainable, renewable energy and carbon capture technologies for emission reduction and construction of green petroleum refineries of the future.  

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge process technology solutions and services for cleaner energy production and construction of new-generation petroleum refineries that will operate safely, reliably, and environmentally soundly while responding to changing market dynamics. This holistic approach brings unique value to our clients and builds strong business cases for successful revamp and new refinery projects. 


Engineering Design Services and Project Financing

We assist our clients with financing recommendations to help actualize their vision. Our company prepares all the initial feasibility studies, conceptual design studies, technical reports, market appraisals, and front-end engineering design to determine project suitability, petroleum refinery equipment configurations, and infrastructure that will support our client’s refinery facility. These studies are also essential for project evaluation leading to financial close. 

Most of the planning and design work is accomplished during the early stages of the project. As the development advances into the manufacturing and construction stage, detailed engineering design for the ISBL and OSBL, consisting of all the project engineering and design details with complete equipment procurement, construction, and installation package, will be provided to our clients at their request.


Project Advisory Services

We offer project advisory, project management, and consultancy services, from initial project design to the completion of the refinery projects through equipment design, procurement, manufacturing, construction, and installation.  

We provide our clients with end-to-end solutions in modular and traditional petroleum refinery construction, ensuring on-time completion of projects using an efficient and cost-saving strategy with state-of-the-art engineering, project management, and process equipment guarantee.



We provide comprehensive training for our clients personnel on the industrial operations of crude oil refineries. Training could be conducted here in the USA before equipment shipment or after start-up, as agreed with the refinery owners.